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A Minimalist Halloween

Spooky season is upon us and while I can appreciate jack-o-lanterns and a motion activated clown that scarily startles you with ”Dont’t worry, clowns scare me too :::creepy laugh:::”, as you walk by, I prefer a more understated approach to the ghoulish holiday. Halloween isn’t know for being a subtle holiday, but in my home less is more.

Bats! Bats! And more bats!

These simple little bats have taken the internet by storm this season. Whether you DIY or purchase them here, these bats are the perfect minimalistic accessory. If you have one Halloween decoration in your home, let it be the bats!

Black Candles

Black is always in style in the world of minimalism, as the Scandi home has celebrated the color since the beginning of time (or so it seems). A black candle will add a little drama to your table. The Cone Candle is a bold, unique shape that you won’t want to burn!

And this spooky black hand votive holder will turn your home into a haunted house in no time!

Matte Black Everything.

Speaking of black...from vases to pumpkins, a little matte black spray goes a long way. Like the Frank’s Redhot Sauce slogan “I put that sh*t on everything”, I went through a phase during quanretine where I literally sprayed everything matte black. Spray a dollar store vase (see last years blog on how to do so), throw some pampas in there, and you are good to go!

Here’s my favorite spray paint for easy and fast DIY’s.

& on the other side of the spectrum...White Pumpkins

Be still my beating heart - I love me some white pumpkins. Also known as ghost pumpkins, albino pumpkins or Baby Boo’s, the ivory skins provide great contrast to the traditionally dark and bold colors of the holiday. Big or small, short or tall, white pumpkins are certainly more minimal than it’s orange cousins, and can work in harmony with a boho-inspired home. Check out this ceramic white pumpkin.

Add some creepy whimsy

Who doesn’t love a whimsical light fixture?! The "Need a Hand" sconce can adorn your wall year round and make an extra impact in October.

Shop the Look - SPOOKY SEASON



So now you have all the tools for a modern, minimalistic holiday. Be sure to check out my Instagram to hear about my #edesignsisters Fall Magazine coming soon.

Looking for help with last minute Halloween decor, or getting a jump start on Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating (someone's thinking ahead! You go girl!)? Contact me today to get info on special holiday design packages!


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