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Glamping: Camp in Style!

Wow, how is it almost mid July already, amiright?! 2020 is flying by, as we have had many obstacles to tackle, adjusting to a life at home and trying to stay safe, healthy and SANE.

The one upside of quarantine is that I have had a lot of time to make new designer friends. One of those new friends, Amanda Foster of Foster Decor, reached out to me to become a part of her #moodboarchallenge with some of our fellow #edesignsisters. I am extremely honored to be apart of this weekly challenge with some of the most talented designers I have ever had the opportunity to cheer on. So thank you, Amanda, I am incredibly excited to be apart of the Edesign Sisterhood!

This week's theme is GLAMPING! For those of you who don't now what glamping is, a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional campin, glamping is the perfect social distancing outdoor activity. I have to admit, I have been camping ONCE in my life and while I didn't hate it, I couldn't imagine doing it for longer than a night. I don't consider myself high maintenance by any means, however I'm not really the roughing it type. So GLAMPING is definitely something I can get behind! ;-)

First let me start by saying, I didn't have the first clue of what is needed for camping and I don't think an easel with art is one of those necessities, but hey, a girl can dream. Here are some of my top pics for GLAMPING: camping in style!


A Dreamy Tent

As we all know, I am a sucker for anything vintage retro, so when I laid eyes on the Sand Colored Vintage Style Tent, I knew I had to lean into this look. Great minds think alike because my friend Julie Ann Rachelle also was inspired by this tent!

California Dreamin'

Lately I have been California dreamin', as I am currently assisting in a project in Joshua Tree, California. Inspired by dessert colors, textures and the overall mood, I decided to lean into this look. Pair that with the fact that I am almost finished with my MoMa certification class in Modern Art & Ideas, and of course I had to add some type of art. If you don't have some art in your outdoor living room, is it even glamping?! I love Minted and of course West Elm, so as soon as I set eyes on this dessert landscape, Dessert Super Moon, I knew it would be the perfect addition.

Glamp Attire

As any glamper knows, half the fun is dressing for the occasion! The Retro Happy Camper Tshirt is cute, trendy and comfortable enough to hike in.

Under the Dessert Moon

I can only imagine lounging tent-side on the Abstract Minimal Sling Chair with a fire light in the Coral Coast basin 30" Cast Iron Firepit, staring up at the desert moon. So, if you see me trying to reenact this scene in my New Jersey backyard, know that I am probably under the influence of wine.

To shop these looks and the rest of the items in the Glamping #moodboardchallenge, click here.

Also, be sure to check out the other #edesignsister Glamping Mood Boards. Click on the image to follow along with these talented designers on Instagram!

A our fearless leader....

Check back for next week's #moodboardchallenge, where we will be designing a Pet Friendly Nook!


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