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Holiday Tablescape 101

As we enter into the season of eating, it's time to start prepping your holiday tables. What is a tablescape, you ask? A tablescape is similar to a centerpiece or table arrangement. But, tablescapes are much more than a centerpiece. A tablescape is an overall look that addresses the entire surface and can even spill over into a side buffet or entire mood for the room.

The week of November 11th, I will be posting a new tip on how to design the holiday tablescape of your dreams. By Friday, you will have all the tools to design your own Holiday Tablescape from soup to pun intended!

Natural elements such as greenery allow you to bring the outside in and is a very important part of your tablescape.

Adding flowers, pumpkins or a trail of eucalyptus add interest and texture to your tablescape. Decorative plume grasses or a more contemporary non-traditional pampas grass are perfect natural accents and can be real or fake!

Designed by Ashley Berdan Design in 2018

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Textures from velvet to cloth, glass to metal, will add dimension to your tablescape.

Differing textures keeps your table from looking flat and lackluster. Add a woven runner, a wooden bowl with glass ornaments, a clay vase and metallic flatware. The layers of material will be a great juxtaposition.

Designed by Ashley Berdan & Havenly team for Havenly Pop-Up Shop

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While monochrome and muted color schemed tablescapes are timeless and beautiful, perhaps you are looking for something a little more funky!

Pops of color throughout your tablescape will add a wow factor, especially non-traditional colors such as pink or teal. Try including multicolored vases, vibrant flowers, or even a bright table cloth to set your scape apart from the rest!

Designed by Seven Stems Events

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A perfect tablescape is all about dimension. You'd never want to have all your tablescape elements be the same height.

Create dimension by adding objects of varying height to your tablescape. Use candlesticks of differing heights, and staggering the heights of floral arrangements. Make sure your objects don’t get too high and block your guests’ view across the dinner table!

Designed by Ashley Berdan & Havenly team for Havenly Pop-Up Shop

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Now you have all the tips and tricks to create your own tablescape! The dining table may usually be all about the food, but this year you can wow your guests with a beautifully put together table!

Looking to take the stress out of your holiday decorating? Ashley Berdan Design can do all the designing for you. Contact me today to get started!

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