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How to Design the Nursery of Your Dreams!

Designing your baby's nursery is a very exciting time in parenthood! While not a mother myself, I have seen many of my friends excitedly register for baby sheets, shop for the perfect rocking chair, and find the sweetest mobile to hang over a crib. I have also seen them stress out - A LOT. Perhaps their nursery isn't large enough for all of the furniture they THOUGHT they needed, maybe they are unsure of a color scheme or perhaps they just don't know where to start! Whatever the case may be, Ashley Berdan Design can help with these simple tips!

Start with a Plan

While it is hard to know what your day to day life will be like with your newborn, especially if it is your first child, try to plan out what pieces you will need and more importantly, what pieces you can fit. If you are struggling to find the room for every piece of furniture, instead of using both a changing table and dresser, DIY a combo piece. Select a dresser with feet, and make your own changing mat that you can pull out when needed, but store under the dresser when not in use.

Instead of designing your baby's nursery with an all pink pallet, add in an accent color! Teal adds a great pop against a pink wallpapered backdrop.

Do NOT Match all of the Furniture

A lot of parents-to-be go to "one stop shop" children and toddlers' furniture stores and buy a full matching suite - crib, changing table, dresser and more. Each item is the same style and finish. While this may have been the way our parents did it back in the day, today we have options!

With more nursery vendors out there, we can accommodate differing styles - maybe you have an ultra mod baby, or a boho baby. Whatever the style may be, there's a furniture piece out there! Gone are the days of overdone or ornate furniture, so go for an eclectic or minimalist look. Mixing and matching furniture pieces in your baby's nursery personalizes the room, so that you don't have the same exact set up as every other baby born in 2020. This also allows for a better opportunity for pieces to transition with the child from infancy, to the terrible twos and straight into rambunctious childhood. Which brings me to my next point...

Choose Transitional Furniture Pieces

Instead of re-designing your child's bedroom every few years because of changing sleeping situations, growth spurts and finicky phases (going from a LOVE of pink to a hatred over night), chose items that can grow with your child and are not overly heavy one color. For a girl's room, you can still do a traditional pink, but add in accent colors, like a teal or perhaps a neon green. As the child gets older and their taste changes, they can switch out their accent colors.

Convertible cribs are all the rage now, as seen in the Girl's Bunny Nursery. They can adapt from crib to toddler bed with a conversion kit, so your baby can get years out of their sleeping arrangement instead of months.

The Sloan Acrylic Convertible Crib

As your baby grows, so will the size of their clothes, and soon enough they will be needing a lot of extra space. Rather than selecting a dresser from a nursery or baby line, use an adult sized dresser for more storage and longevity.

Go Bold!

Nurseries are usually known for their pastel pallets, but for a more contemporary look, use unconventional and saturated colors.

Don't be afraid of bold or dark accents... In moderation of course! An accent wall behind your baby's crib is a fun and modern area to use a bold wallpaper or paint color. Look for removable, semi-permanant peel and stick wallpapers, like the Safari Nursery's black and silver zebra wallpaper, or perhaps design a geometric board and batten wall in black!

A fun, dark accent wall! Source: Project Nursery, by @eminacasady

However you design your baby's nursery, remember to have fun! If you are still stuck on a style, color scheme or floor plan, Ashley Berdan Design can help! Mention this blog post and receive 10% off any of ABD's in person or edesign room packages. Click here to find out more information on my different packages.

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