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ORC Week 4: Soft Materials

This one room challenge is flying by, as we are already on week 4! I have noticed a lot of my fellow challengers have had to pivot due to delivery delays, and I am no different. My Rina Wood Platform Bed has been delayed, so I am currently in the process of ordering it elsewhere. This bed frame was the first thing that I sourced, and with the artwork that I shared last week, it was the inspiration for the entire room refresh. Fingers crossed, I can get the bed frame delivered by June 15th. Stayed tuned!

Last week I discussed the art that inspired and this week some of my soft materials started to trickle in. I am loving the colors and textures!

I'm a big believer in white bedding. Not only is it blank canvas for colorful pillows and throws, but it is easy to maintain. Some would NEVER have white bedding, thinking that it would easily stain, which is true. But, with a little bit of bleach in the washer machine, white bedding will come out crisp and clean without much effort.

Downlite Bedding has been nice enough to send me their Enviroloft Luxury Hotel Style Down Alternative Comforter. Used in countless hotels and resorts across the country, this comforter is soft and a great option for year round comfort. Every time I get into bed it feels like I am on vacation! Use my code DYGEN15 to get 15% off everything at Downlight Bedding.

With a perfect white backdrop of the Downlite Bedding down alternative comforter, West Elm's Soft Corded Throw in Dark Horseradish will certainly pop. Hand woven in India, the texture is flawless.

Ruggable is revolutionizing the market for rugs. Their patented 2-Piece Rug System includes a cover and a non-slip rug pad, allowing you to remove the top layer of your rug and wash it in your home washing machine. As the original machine-washable rug, Ruggable Rug Covers are water-resistant, interchangeable, lightweight, and durable. As well as being pet and family-friendly their rugs also help to reduce dust and allergens. Maple approves and so does my allergies!

The Dakotah Sumac Rug, as I had mentioned in a previous ORC post, has Navajo's storm pattern motif with neutral hues of grey and charcoal and red accents. Shop Ruggable and save 10% off with code AFF10.

The moment I stumbled upon Busa Designs, founded by Lindsay Busa, a few months ago on instagram, I fell in love with these affordable, boho inspired pillow covers. I love supporting small businesses and Lindsay is an absolute pleasure to work with. The Hampton Pillow Cover is decked out with beige tassels and cream colored linen. It is currently on pre-order so run over to her site and follow her on instagram @busadesigns, to snag one for yourself!

Another pivot, is trying to find a replacement for a World Market's Mustard and Ivory Woven Diamond Throw Pillow that I had originally sourced to pull together the mustard yellow and black metal accents, unfortunately is not sold online. New Jersey was hit pretty hard by Covid-19 and none of our local stores are open yet, so in store pick up is not an option.

While I am bummed, I will continue to search for the perfect replacement. Perhaps a mustard colored mud cloth pillow is the answer. I may wait it out another week to see if the World Market pillow will become available online before I make a decision!

Next week I'm diving into paint selections by Backdrop, and will (hopefully) make the final decision on keeping or removing my grasscloth wallpaper!

That's a wrap for week 4! Be sure to check out other ORC blog posts. and follow me on instagram to see some behind the scenes at @ashleyberdandesign!

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