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Patio Living Summer 2022

Updated: May 17, 2022

Well, we made it! Another winter has passed and it's time to dust off the old patio furniture. And if your outdoor furniture is just that, OLD, a revamp may be in order!

Here are ABD's top picks for summer 2022 outdoor living....

Keep it Hangin'

Bring the boho life to your backyard and bask in the sun in this macrame hanging hammock. Hammocks can be both relaxing and beautiful, as seen in this woven and wood swing.

Forget Firepits, Bring on the Firebowl

Firepits have been all the rage the past few years, but firebowls, or table top mini fire pits, are certainly having a moment. Inspired by Eastern vessels and made of concrete, the 11" bowl comes in a variety of finishes and is the perfect, compact size for balcony living.

Pom Pom Pillows

Here at ABD you know we love whimsy and nothing is more fun than a pom pom! Fuzzy pom poms in a geometric pattern, on a textured pillowcase with light and dark teals, will add style to your patio.


Through the years as your style changes and trends come and go, you may want to change out the color scheme, theme or look of your outdoor arrangement. Opting for neutral, larger pieces, such as chairs or sofas, and going bold on accessories, like our teal pom pom pillow, will give you greater flexibility for a cost-effective price!

This white woven rope outdoor sofa is a neutral backdrop for interchangeable, fun throw pillows.

To shop the full Patio Living design, click here.

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Looking to revamp your outdoor space and want a professional eye on your design? Click here to learn about our design package options and contact us today to find out about ABD Summer eDesign Package specials!

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