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Teenage Dream Bedroom

A mod-eclectic bedroom design for a Chicago teenager!

Wanting a mod, eclectic styled room, Maggie and her step Mom, Salina, reached out to me via Instagram. With a love for velvet textures, animal print, vibrant and bold colors, Maggie's design aesthetic is fun, yet mature. I was impressed that a young lady would have such a bold design direction and here at ABD, bold is our bread and butter.

Maggie's Inspo Image

Part of the onboarding process for ABD's eDesign Packages includes a questionnaire to help us get to know our new clients. Maggie had an opportunity to upload inspirational photos of interiors that she likes, choose color schemes that she favors and tell us more about her likes and dislikes. Her inspo images channels an updated mid-century modern vibe with electric textures and prints, brass accents and whimsical details.

Because Salina and Maggies wanted to keep the dark grey walls, I knew I had to add lighter colors to pop against the dark background, and what pops more than a neon sign?! One of my favorite Etsy vendors for neon signs is HDJ Letter Sign . Completely customizable from color to font, these neon signs are both affordable and of great quality.

With rich emerald and blush pink as our color palette, it was easy to find additional wall decor that would stand out. I add texture with an emerald dipped macrame and an abstract pink and white, gold framed canvas that adds a splash of modernity.

But, the room design did not come without a slight obstacle. The room had a newly installed semi-built-in desk credenza. It did limit some of the space that we had in the room, but in the end I think the piece is much more beneficial than Maggie and Salina thought. This fixture works double duty as a spot for Maggie to do homework or apply make up and adds storage space.

Room's Existing Semi Built-In Desk

The desk & credenza combo is a perfect opportunity for cute desk accessories and jewelry organizers. Just because something is practical (such as a desk organizer or jewelry hanger), doesn't mean it can't also be stylish, like the matte pink organizers and the minimalistic hand ring holder.

Accessories can be stylish & functional!

While the room does have 2 closets, it was also important for Maggie to have drawer space. The room couldn't fit a full dresser, but a tall chest and matching nightstand will give her ample space for clothes storage.

Another overlooked and usually outdated element in many bedrooms are ceiling fans. With such a fun bedroom design, I couldn't give Maggie a boring and lackluster fan. A gold and acrylic fan light brings the same excitement to the ceiling that the rest of the room has!


The Big Reveal

In all, Maggie, Salina and I are extremely happy with how this design came together and how the room is so perfectly made for Maggie!

Wanting a room make-over of your own? Contact us today at to discuss if eDesign or full service design is right for you and your home!


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