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Value Store Vase Make Over

Looking for a minimalistic DIY project for the holiday season? Learn how to transform an old vase into the #blackchristmasdecor accessory of your dreams for under $20 and in less than 5 minutes!

I have been obsessed with black decor for the holidays this year starting with my black Christmas tree. I am loving the Scandinavian inspired and minimalistic palette of black and white.

I've had my eye on a very expensive black vase from a luxury decor vendor, but after stumbling upon a blue glass vase at a local value store, I had the urge to DIY and save some money.

I have been known to use spray paint from time to time. It's an especially great asset when you find cheap items that may not necessarily be the right hue for your color scheme. I have used it on picture/art frames and mirrors but the possibilities are endless.

I headed over to my local Michael's in search of the perfect black spray paint. Rather than a glossy finish, I wanted a more flat, matte look to really capitalize on that "no frills" minimalistic look. Uber Matte Ultra Matte Color Finish Ink 561 by Design Master gave me the exact look I was trying to achieve.

Uber Matte's paint coverage is flawless with only one coat needed. I'd advise being sure to shake it a good deal before spraying and spray in a horizontal, back and forth directions to ensure that every square inch is covered, with only the outside of the vase needing to be sprayed. This literally took me less than 5 minutes to do and was dried within 10 minutes, although I did keep it outside for a few hours to air out, as it did have some of the usual spray paint oder.

Once aired out and brought inside, I added some winter greenery with Angel Pine Branch with Berries by Ashland. Two bunches will do!

In all, this project was fast, easy, and the best part - inexpensive. The vase itself cost under 10 dollars and the Uber Matte spray paint is $9.49. A drab vase was transformed into an luxury designer piece for a fraction of the cost. Plus, I am SURE I will be using this spray paint for other projects in the near future - so that's priceless!

My new matte black vase is a perfect addition to my minimalistic Christmas decor, and I will be able to use it throughout the year by adding season-appropriate florals!

Looking for last minute minimalistic Christmas decor? ABD can help you take your Christmas decor from overdone to perfectly minimal and sleek. Contact me today to get started!

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