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Gio Ponti Inspired

Gio Ponti (November 18, 1891- September 16, 1979), an Italian architect, furniture and industrial designer, artist, teacher and writer, who founded the popular design magazine Domus, revolutionized furniture and architecture with a career spanning over 60 years. Often known as the father of modern Italian design, he was dedicated to making the “finished form… unchangeable, unrepeatable, unique, and coherent.”

His most noted architecture includes Pirelli Tower in Milan, Bo Palace at University of Padua, and the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento. But for me, it's his furniture design that makes my heart skip a beat!

According to in 2018, Ponti pieces sold over 4 million dollars at auction, ranking 4th just behind the likes of Nakashima and above Jeanneret.

Ponti designed classic Superleggera (the Italian term for super-lightweight) chairs, as well as the often knocked off F.A 33 Mirror. The clean lines and wood frame of the 811 arm chair merged industrial and modern design, which Ponti would become known for.


This past September on my honeymoon in Italy, I had the pleasure of staying at the Italian architects inspired boutique hotel, G-Rough, in Rome, Italy. Near one of the most entrancing piazzas in Italy, Piazza Navona, this hotel boasts rooms inspired by Italian architects including Gio Ponti, Guglielmo Agnelli, Ico Parisi, Tobia Scarpa and other influencers of Italian design.

From the antiqued plaster textured walls and original beamed ceilings, to the authentic furniture pieces of Guglielmo and Ponti, (including a 1950’s vintage corner bar designed by Ponti himself), the 2 story honeymoon suite known simply as "Guglielmo" includes a romantic Italian balcony, a large master ensuite (and our first experience with a bidet), a Smeg mini fridge and Marshall speakers. Original art installations adorn the stairways and halls, making this hotel a dream come true for an art and design lover like myself!

Owned by 7th generation Roman, Gabriele Salini, the building may be the newest on the block by countless years (this is the eternal city, after all), but it perfectly blends old world Italian with mid century flair.

"In 2013 he decided to turn this passion into an original hospitality project, giving life to G-rough – a place for all his passions to gather under one roof. The most beautiful Italian design from the 30s to the 60s, a series of artist’s “imprints” that interact with architecture, and the authentic Italian

A project nurtured by the idea of patronage, which starts from the desire to recover memory and beauty of the past, transforming a place from a contemporary perspective, giving new functionality to the space in a sort of “aesthetic to enjoyment”. -

Below is a modern Gio Ponti inspired design by ABD. This designs includes an original Ponti designed chair, table lamp and his infamous F.A. 33 mirror paired with modern pieces from West Elm and CB2. To Shop the Look click here.


Looking for Italian inspired design in your home? Ashley Berdan Design provides virtual design services to anyone, anywhere, on any budget. Let us design a home that is uniquely YOU! Reach out today at!

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