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ORC Week 6: Pivots

Week 6, here we gooo! First, I'd like to thank the One Room Challenge for taking a pause on week 5 to stand in solidarity over the racial injustice and murders of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality. I took that time to reflect, learn and listen, something we all need to do from time to time.

Between week 4 and today I received most of this master bedroom remodel's furniture pieces and decor. But, like I had mentioned in previous posts, I had to pivot yet again. It seems as though my original headboard choice is backed up in production and I have no choice but to find a new headboard. I took to the internet only to find that everything similar (wood/walnut, rattan/cane finishes) were all out of stock or backordered. So, I called over to my trusty Wayfair rep, Connor Bennett, who was able to find me the last possible stock of this beauty...

The Kayson Panel Headboard has the same finish and concept as my original, Rina Headboard option. This will be a good stand in until the Rina arrives and then I can repurpose the Kayson somewhere else.

I was also able to find the perfect console.

The Marina TV Stand is the perfect size, at 56" long and 15.5" deep, to fit in my inlet wall near the entrance door.

Multilayered wood on the cabinet doors offers a unique look and added dimension with rich wood tones.

Added storage is always important, and we needed somewhere to house our endless collection of shoes. The 11" Fabric Cube Storage Bin is both practical and stylish while also fitting perfectly in the Marina TV Stand.

That's a wrap for week 6! While I did promise you a selection on paint colors, I am still in the process of deciding, so please stay tuned! Be sure to check out other ORC blog posts. and follow me on instagram to see some behind the scenes at @ashleyberdandesign!

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