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Out with 2020 in Style

The year that won't end is FINALLY coming to a close! We've spent the better part of 2020 socially distancing and staying home, making all of us all realize just how much we need a home refresh.

Here at Ashley Berdan Design, we've transformed spare rooms into home offices and bedrooms into classrooms, we've learned to pivot the use of a room to make it multi-purpose. It's been crowded, with everyone home, working, playing and living under one roof, but with good interior design, ABD has been able to transform homes to be more purposeful and productive.

Now that we are ushering in a new year, with hopeful ambition for healthier, more sound months ahead, we can continue to move out the old and bring in the new.

New Years Eve 2020 will not include large dinner parties, dancing, or hugging and kissing at midnight, but celebration, however small, should still commence. Celebrate the upcoming 2021 with a chic, modern dining room set up and enjoy a nice cocktail at midnight with these New Years Eve approved furniture and accessories selections!

Terracotta and rust is the color of 2021, in my humble opinion! A warm, color derived from nature, the orange hues are inviting, comfy and vibrant. The Cloyd Upholster Side Chair in "orange" as a modern, ergonomic design that is fresh for the new year.

To accentuate the warm hue in the Cloyd chair, Article's Conan table has a rich, walnut finish. A true showstopper.

Add texture to your tablescape with pampas grass. Pampas grass is usually dried with fluffy plumes in warm beiges, whites and pink grays. Grab your bunch on Etsy.

Pops of bright colors on your walls add a refresh for the year ahead with some whimsy. Check out Sherwin William's Cascades paint, for the perfect combination of blue meets green.

Normally I would be making resolutions to lose weight or quit a bad habit, only to fall off the wagon by January 15th, but this year let's all skip these silly resolutions, and resolute to liven up our homes with some color and decor!


Be sure to check out my Instagram @ashleyberdandesign and #edesignsisters to see my girls' New Year's Eve designs.

Looking for help with design ideas? Contact me today to get info on my eDesign packages!


*I may receive a small commission for recommending these products, funds of which go towards operating this site so that I can bring the best styles and designs straight to you at not cost. Thank you for reading my blog!

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