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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge

Happy Saturday Ya'll! I am excited to announce that I am a guest participant in Better Homes & Gardens' One Room Challenge. I have been swooning over @thecozymodernhome, @paigekontrafouris and @peacockdahliainteriors week one ORC designs so after a bit of hesitation, I finally agreed to partake myself!


Almost 3 years ago my partner, Ryan, and I bought a run down, basically condemned foreclosed home and fully renovated the Cape Cod that had been vacant for almost 10 years. It took over a year between permits and construction, but that's a story for another blog post...

Upon moving in I started a mad dash to try

design each and every room. Since we renovated and designed this house from soup to nuts, on a budget, might I add, it was impossible to fully design the entire house. Little by little, layer by layer, I have been curating and designing each space.

One room that got shafted - partially designed, yet still lacking, was the master bedroom. Still in my "gray phase", I ran with it when it came to the headboard, and then put everything on pause, as I was pretty uninspired by the space. I moved onto the other rooms in the house and the rest is history.


My father and I wallpapered an accent wall with a peel & stick grasscloth paper before I really had a grip on the design direct I was going for. See, even interior designers jump the gun! I still do love this textured wallpaper, and the memory of my father and I haphazardly taking our first stab at paperhanging, so we will see if I can somehow work it into the new design.

Glass & Chrome Nightstand - no storage, not practical!

A major issue in this room are the nightstands. Having extra storage bedside is pretty important, and I bought these nightstand on a whim, because they were on sale. I can't turn down a good bargain! In this redesign, I will be sure to find a nightstand that will give us the extra storage that we need.

The element that I love most about this existing room, and will be working into the design, is a very unique, 2 propeller-looking bladed fan. While most fans are pretty unfortunate looking, this guy has that mid century modern look that I am always chasing. Animation Duo Fan can be found here.


In this redesign, I am trying to achieve a sophisticated and dramatic, bohemian with mid-mod clean lines, and a natural color pallet, master retreat. Texture is what separates a bland room from a wow room, so materials will include macrame, feathers, and cane. As a self-proclaimed art fanatic, art will be at the forefront of this design. The "Girl with the Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer will make an appearance as well as a little surprise for Ryan (if I can pull it off...only time will tell).

Join me on my One Room Challenge 8 weeks journey, to makeover our master bedroom into a Boho + Mid Century Modern, Eclectic Retreat! Next week I'll be diving deeper into into the pieces that I've sourced for the room and why I chose each item!

To see more ORC rooms visit ORC Blog! Or, to get a custom room designed by ABD, visit my Services page.

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